Stanol 50

 Product Name: Stanol 50

Sterile water suspension

Injectable Anabolic Steroid

Active substance: Stanozolol 50mg/ml

Manufacturer: Vertex Laboratories

Package Form: 10ml vial =500mg/10ml

Therapeutic Indication and sport Benefits:

Is used in the treatment of to treat anaemia, hereditary angioedema, protein synthesis disorders, cachexia, trauma, burns, pre-and postoperative irradiation, after infectious diseases, toxic goiter, muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, negative nitrogen balance and several forms of allergy. The drug possess a strong diuretic effect. A derivative of DHT (dihydroTestosterone) which contribute to the formation of a lean, quality looking muscular formations, as well as in improvement of red blood cell production, increase of bone density and as appetite stimulant. The drug has low androgenic effects and very high anabolic effects and does not convert to estrogen.

Side Effects and Precautionary Measures:

Damage to the liver, abdominal pain, dark colour of urine, light colour of stool, unusual tiredness, nausea, yellow colour of skin, yellowing of the eyes. May have a negative effect on blood pressure and plasma proteins, and cause psychiatric dysfunction, such as aggression and mood swings. In large doses the drug has typical virilization effects. Not recommended in case of hypersensitivity to the drug, prostate cancer, breast cancer in men, breast carcinoma in women with hypercalcemia, severe atherosclerosis, hepatic and renal conditions, acute and chronic prostatitis, during pregnancy and lactation. Requires constant monitoring of lipidemia and cholesterol levels.

Recommended dosage: 50 -100mg in every other day

Use: 6 – 12 weeks

 Keep out of reach of children, protected from light, at a temperature of 15-25 ° C.


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